Privacy Policy


Privacy laws, rules, and regulations provide individuals with various options that are called individual rights. Individual privacy rights may be invoked by the individual or, if appropriate information is provided, by an authorized personal representative(s). The following are brief descriptions of the various individual rights.


Privacy Notice


The Federal HIPAA Privacy regulation requires that covered entities provide a Notice of Privacy Practices. This notice describes the permitted and required uses and disclosures of protected information, provides an explanation of individual privacy rights, and outlines how to file a privacy complaint. Individuals have the right to request and receive Notice of Privacy Practices.




The right to request access to protected health information allows individuals the opportunity to review and/or obtain a photocopy (or other such format) of their information. Upon receipt of a written request, a response must be provided within thirty (30) days unless an extension is needed.




The right to an accounting allows individuals to request a list of disclosures of their protected health information made for purposes other than treatment, payment, health plan operations, and other activities in the past six years. Some activities to account for include, but are not limited to, audits by health oversight agencies for audit, investigations, licensure, for judicial and administrative proceedings (court order, subpoena, discovery, etc.), and for research purposes.




The right to restrict allows individuals to request a limit or restriction on the use and disclosure of their protected health information. The regulation does not requirement agreement to the restriction if it is determined that the restriction may interfere with treatment, payment or operations.


Restriction Termination  

The right to remove a restriction allows individuals the ability to request or agree to the removal of a previously requested restriction.



Alternate Communications 

The right for an individual to request that health information is sent to a different address or by a different communication method due to potential abuse.


The right to amend allows individuals the right to request a correction of their protected health information created and maintained by a covered entity that is inaccurate and/or incomplete. Regulations require a response to this request within sixty (60) days of receipt, unless an extension is needed.

 File a Complaint

The right to file a privacy complaint allows individuals the opportunity to express to the covered entity or the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, any concerns of dissatisfaction regarding privacy issues. 


In the event our agency receives any Individual Privacy Rights or a privacy concern about a covered entity, the request should be forwarded to our agency Privacy & Security Officer as quickly as possible to coordinate the request with the specific covered entity.


Our Privacy and Security Officer is

Douglas B McCullough

2527 St Clair River Dr

Algonac, MI 48001